Why Choose Me?

I am making statements. 

My pieces are a reflection of a continuous creative experimentation within the limits of contemporary 3D expression of modern jewelry.

I am inspired and creatively motivated by observation of commonly seen and ubiquitous shapes and objects and discerning their symbolic, symbiotic and contrasting qualities. I then develop my work by highlighting the form of an object seen from an unusual angle.

I aim for an acute and startling use of colour and a variety of materials to express my creative thinking.

The pivotal characteristic of my work is the ever-present relationship and connection between traditional techniques and materials and new creative and novel design approaches. 

All my jewellery is strictly hand-made and unique, the collections are small and contemporary.

I want to give you something special, modern, something with a story. 

About Me

Petra Mohylova

designer and store owner

I just like to shake things up a bit. 

When you are growing up in the Czech Republic, when you are living in Bohemia, you are living with the amazing tradition of glass art. I adore traditions because where would we be without them and how could we be contemporary without knowing our roots and building upon them? 

That is why I work with (not solely but mainly ) with glass and I sometimes draw on folk influences for inspiration.